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Doterel may refer to: HMS Doterel, several ships of the Royal Navy Doterel class sloop, a class of ship Dotterel, a ship launched in British India in and wrecked at Tasmania in Plover, a subfamily of birds, many known as Dotterels Doterel being a previous spelling. Crozier attended school locally in Banbridge, with his brothers William and Thomas, and lived with his family in Avonmore House which his father had built in , in the centre of Banbridge.

Five ships and one shore establishment of the Royal Navy have been named HMS President, after the office of president meaning "one who presides over an assembly". In the case of the first two British ships, the name may have applied to the Lord President of the Privy Council.

HMS President was a gun ship purchased in , known as Old President after , and sold in Fourteen ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name Kingfisher or King's Fisher , after the Kingfisher bird: Kingfisher was a ship in service between and Kingfisher was a 4-gun ketch purchased in and captured by the French in She was converted into an 8-gun bomb vessel and served as such between and She was sold in Kingfisher was a gun sloop launched in and burnt to avoid capture in She was wrecked in Pegasus was a winged horse in Greek mythology.

HMS Pegasus was a Cormorant-class wooden-hulled screw gun vessel ordered in but cancelled in She was redesignated a corvette in and scrapped in References Colledge, J.

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London: Chatham Publishing. Winfield, R. This is a list of shipwrecks located in or around South America. The crew were stranded there for 83 days before being picked up by H. All were saved. The ship was outside the Total Exclusion Zone at the time, leading to controversy over whether the attack was justified. She became a training ship in the Thames in , and was then lent as a training ship for boys in the Hamble from Design The Doterel class were a development of the Osprey-class sloops and were of composite construction, with wooden hulls over an iron frame.

Of 1, tons displacement and approximately 1, indicated horsepower, they were armed with two 7" muzzle-loading rifled guns on pivoting mounts, and four pound guns two on pivoting mounts, and two broadside. They had a crew of around men. Construction Gannet was laid down at Sheerness Royal Dockyard in and launched on 31 August Last mentioned Built or and rebuilt Refitted in , she served until Sixteen vessels and two shore establishments of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Phoenix, after the legendary phoenix bird.

She was upgraded to a gun fourth-rate in , but reverted to a gun fifth rate in She was burnt in to prevent her capture. A rifled muzzle loader in the forecastle of Gannet The Doterel class was a Royal Navy class of screw-driven sloops. They were of composite construction, with wooden hulls over an iron frame. Two of the class were lost, one to an explosion off Chile and one wrecked off Canada. Gannet is preserved at Chatham Historic Dockyard. The graceful clipper bow of the Opsreys was replaced by a vertical stem and the engines were more powerful. This arrangement produced to 1, indica. Jupiter and Pilot captured her on 2 October She was renamed HMS Pigmy in and was wrecked in The Tasmanian Government purchased her in to use as a powder hulk.

She was broken up at Hobart in She was built at Sheerness Dockyard and launched on 16 December Of 1, tons displacement and approximately 1, indicated horsepower, they were capable of approximately 11 knots and were armed with two 7-inch muzzle loading rifled guns on pivoting mounts, and four pound guns two on pivoting mounts, and two broadside. They had a complement of approximately men. Construction Kingfisher was laid down at Sheerness Royal Dockyard in. She was sold for scrap in Of 1, tons displacement and approximately 1, indicated horsepower, they were capable of approximately 11 knots and were armed with two 7" muzzle loading rifled guns on pivoting mounts, and four pound guns two on pivoting mounts, and two broadside.

They had a crew complement of approximately men. She was capable of attaining She was captured in by HMS Tryton and was wrecked in She was previously named Unity, before being purchased in Xerotine siccative was an oil drying agent used in the late 19th century. It is a type of terebene; unlike standard terebenes, xerotine siccative doesn't become cloudy when mixed in an oil. The graceful clipper bow of the Ospreys was replaced by a vertical stem and the engines were more powerful.

The hull was of composite construction, with wooden planks over an iron frame. Four machine guns and one light gun complet. She foundered in Present day The division consists of over officers and ratings, making it the largest in the country. The division draws recruits from the City, as well as further afield. There is also a satellite unit in Chatham, the Medway Division. They were joined in by the Royal Naval Artillery Volunteers. This ship was named Old President on 25 March , and was sold for scrapping on 7 July This ship had been constructed in on the exact lines of the American 'monster frigate' USS President which was captured by the Royal Navy at the close of the War of , and the name was deliberately.

Nymphe and Circe captured her off Ushant on 30 November Iphigenia captured her in the Antilles on 16 March The Navy sold her in The Admiralty purchased her in and sold her in for breaking up. She became a boom vessel in , was renamed HMS Argo in and was sold in She was sold for breaking in She became a training ship in and was renamed HMS President, and was then lent as the training ship Mercury, she was moored in Gosport, Hampshire for many years.

She was transferred as a museum ship in and is preserved in dry dock at Chatham Dockyard. She became a base ship and was renamed Wildfire in , renamed Gannet in , and then Pembroke in The list of ship launches in includes a chronological list of some ships launched in She was the first commercial usage of Thomas Edison's incandescent light bulb. She became a boom defence vessel at Southampton in and was renamed Azov in She was sold after World War I. The Battle of Les Sables-d'Olonne was a minor naval battle fought on 23 February off the town of Les Sables-d'Olonne on the Biscay Coast of France between a French Navy squadron of three frigates and a larger British squadron of ships of the line.

The French squadron had sailed from the port of Lorient on 23 February in an effort to link up with a fleet from Brest under Jean-Baptiste Willaumez, but missed the rendezvous and was pursued by a British blockade squadron under Rear-Admiral Robert Stopford. The French commander, Commodore Pierre Roch Jurien, anchored his squadron under the batteries which protected the town of Les Sables-d'Olonne in the hope of dissuading an attack.

Ignoring the batteries, Stopford ordered his squadron to attack at on 24 February, HMS Defiance leading the line. Shortly after the main batteries of Stopford's ships of the line came into the battle, the French ships were overwhelmed one by one and shortly after noon all three had been driven ashore with heavy casualties. Thomas Bridges c. After an attack by indigenous people, in Bridges' father, Despard, left the mission at Keppel Island of the Falkland Islands, to return with his family to England.

At the age of 17, Bridges stayed with the mission as its new superintendent. In the late s, he worked to set up a mission at what is now the town of Ushuaia along the southern shore of Tierra del Fuego Island.

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Ordained and married during a trip to Great Britain in , Bridges returned to the Falkland Islands with his wife. They settled at the mission at Ushuaia, where four of their six children were born. He continued to work with the Selk'nam Ona and Yaghan peoples for nearly 20 more years. On Bridges' retirement from missionary serv. Sultana, the worst maritime disaster in United States history.

A maritime disaster is an event which usually involves a ship or ships and can involve military action. Because of the nature of maritime travel, there is often a substantial loss of life. This list covers those disasters where 30 or more lives were lost. Iroquois Class Destroyers a. Croix Terra Nova Laurent Skeena Cormorant 20 -Diving Support Ship.

Diving Tender 2 Diving Tender 3. Admiralty Wood Coastal Drifters - These wooden-hulled drifters were built along the same general lines as those of the RN. They were intended for minesweeping and patrol duty, and 14 served at Gibraltar G , 6 at Bermuda B and 5 in West Africa W from to A further 18 were lent to the USN U during the same period. Like the TRs, they found ready employment as fishing vessels after the war, and a few served in the RN from to Three of the drifters, unnumbered were destroyed incomplete by fire at the Canada Steamship Lines plant at Sorel on 19 Jun While they flew the White Ensign, the CDs were not commissioned vessels but listed as tenders and therefore did not have the prefix HMCS before their name.

The Fisherman's reserve, authorized by the Canadian government in , was mobilized and these fishing vessels, converted for use by the RCN, were called into service to patrol the Pacific coast. These vessels, manned by fishermen who had received 30 days of training, were the first line of defence in the event of an invasion. As the war progressed the the threat of an invasion grew less and less likely, the vessels of the Fisherman's Reserve to returned to their owners, sold or converted to for other duties.

Steps were taken to disband the Fisherman's Reserve. By the early part of the majority of the men had been transferred to the RCNVR or were discharged, and in Jan , the last Fisherman's Reserve rating was demobilized. Western Maid FY Cap de la Madeleine Antigonish K Beacon Hill K Buckingham K Cap de la Madeleine K Cape Breton K Chebogue K Coaticook K Jonquiere K Kirkland Lake K New Glasgow K New Waterford K Orkney K Outremont K Penetang K Port Colborne K Poundmaker K Prestonian K Prince Rupert K Royalmount K Catharines K Pierre K Stephen K Ste Therese K Saint John K Thetford Mines K Toronto K Valleyfield K Victoriaville K Waskesiu K Wentworth K Gate Vessels post Gate Vessel 1.

Gate Vessel 4 Gate Vessel 5. Jean Porte St. Louis For the purpose of this website, the type identification HDPC, which is used in the Navy Lists, will be used here to identify these vessels. While the ships were not RCN - their importance to the allied war effort and the service they provided to sailors, soldiers and airmen warrants an entry for them here for posterity's sake. Lady Drake. Lady Hawkins Lady Nelson.

Minesweepers Cordova Seapride II. Boniface J Sault Ste. Bellechasse J Burlington J Drummondville J Guysborough J Trois-Rivieres J Joseph J Transferred to Free French Navy - St. Malaspina Margaret Newington. Petrel Premier. Anna Mildred Z12 Charny. This section lists shore bases and training establishments which could be smaller units within a base.

Gloucester Gordon Head Hochelaga. U U They were not commissioned in the RCN. Provider Protecteur Class. Little used, the TRs found willing buyers as replacements for fishing tonnage lost during the war, and a good many were absorbed into the RN as auxiliary minesweepers during the Second World War. DP Ingraham Ednorina Z Haro Z06 Helen S. Kam Laviolette. Delbert D. Mayes Gwennith Highland Mary. Anthony ATA St. Charles ATA St. Kayville Kingsville. Melville Neville Otterville. Pierreville Plainsville. Shawville Streetsville.

Lynx Z07 Moose Z14 Otter. BD Some were also given names which are indicated in brackets. Cabot Crusader Z13 CV 4. Gryme Z60 Haidee. Millicette Pathfinder Restless Shirl. Snow Prince Speedy Woodcock. Former River Class Frigates Stonetown. For a brief period in , the Royal Newfoundland Navy consisted of 3 ships - which in were transferred to the RCN. Galiano Gulnare Malaspina Restless. Apollo Class Protected Cruiser Rainbow. Arethusa Class Light Cruiser Aurora.

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Diadem Class Protected Cruiser Niobe. M Class Destroyers Patrician Patriot. Catharines K St. Pierre K St. Earl Grey. Trawler Sweeper converted ocean tugs Baleine Gopher Musquash. Arctic Patrol Vessel Labrador. Bluethroat Cedarwood Endeavour Quest. Condor Class Sloop Shearwater. Phoenix Class Sloop Algerine. Eloi St.

Julien Thiepval Vimy Ypres. Helena Island Defender J. Tanner Canso Coastguard Delbert D. Lee Derrick tug. Anne W36 St. Steam Yacht Bethalma Magedoma. Barge No. Catharines St. Armed Merchant Cruisers. Coastal Defence Vessels.

First World War - On this day: 2, died on this day: Tue 01/10/

Destroyer Escorts. Fisherman's Reserve. Gate Vessels. Harbour Craft. Harbour Defence Patrol Craft. Landing Craft. Motor Launches. Power Training Craft. Sailing Vessels. Sounding Vessel. Stone Frigates - Naval Reserve Units. Support Vessels. Target Towing Vessels. Torpedo Boats. Weather Ships. Bonaventure CVL Magnificent CVL Prince Robert F Aristocrat Z Bras d'Or. Fleur de Lis. Leola Vivian. MacDonald Z Mont Joli. Murray Stewart. Sable Island. Seretha II. Sidney River. Stanpoint Z Depot Ships. FS Class Freight and Supply.

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Eastore Z Laymore Z Westore Z58 designate. Reserve Training Vessels and Tenders. Acadian PB Adversus PB Captor PB Crossbow PB Fort Steele PB Nicholson PB Rally PB Rapid PB Sidney PB Standoff PB Reserve Tenders former Ville Class Tugs. Tenders as per Navy Lists WW1. Davey Jones. Holly Leaf. Ivy Leaf. Laurel Leaf. Legal Limit. Brandon Edmonton Glace Bay Goose Bay Kingston Moncton Nanaimo Saskatoon Shawinigan Summerside Whitehorse Yellowknife Castle Class Corvettes.

Arnprior K Bowmanville K Copper Cliff K Hespeler K Humberstone K Huntsville K Kincardine K Leaside K Orangeville K Petrolia K Thomas K Tillsonburg K Flower Class Corvettes - Photos and Documents. Agassiz K Alberni K Algoma K Amherst K Arrowhead K Arvida K Asbestos K Atholl K Baddeck K Barrie K Battleford K Beauharnois K Belleville K Bittersweet K Brandon K Brantford K Buctouche K Calgary K Camrose K Chambly K Charlottetown K Chicoutimi K Chilliwack K Cobalt K Cobourg K Collingwood K Dauphin K Dawson K Drumheller K Dundas K Dunvegan K Edmundston K Eyebright K Fennel K Fergus K Forest Hill K Fredericton K Frontenac K Galt K Giffard K Guelph K Halifax K Hawkesbury K Hepatica K Kamloops K Kamsack K Kenogami K Kitchener K La Malbaie K Lachute K Lethbridge K Levis K Lindsay K Long Branch K Louisburg K Lunenburg K Matapedia K Mayflower K Merrittonia K Midland K Mimico K Moncton K Moose Jaw K Morden K Nanaimo K Napanee K New Westminster K Norsyd K North Bay K Oakville K Orillia K Owen Sound K Parry Sound K Peterborough K Pictou K Port Arthur K Prescott K Quesnel K Regina K Rimouski K Riviere du Loup K Rosthern K Sackville K Saskatoon K Shawinigan K Shediac K Sherbrooke K Smiths Falls K Snowberry K Spikenard K Lambert K Stellarton K Strathroy K Sudbury K Summerside K The Pas K Thorlock K Timmins K Trail K Trentonian K Trillium K Vancouver K Ville de Quebec K Wetaskiwin K West York K Weyburn K Whitby K Windflower K Woodstock K Ontario C Uganda C Apollo Class Protected Cruiser.

Arethusa Class Light Cruiser. Diadem Class Protected Cruiser. Bowness Park. Dorval Park. Beaton Park. Dunlop Park. Goldstream Park. Green Gables Park. Highland Park. Jasper Park. Kootenay Park. Lakeside Park. Liscombe Park. Liverpool Loyalist. Mohawk Park. Nemiskam Park.

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Princess Joan. Queens Park. Rio Branco. Sapperton Park. Selkirk Park. Stanley Park. Tipperary Park. Windermere Park. Vancouver F6A. River Class Destroyers. Assiniboine I Chaudiere H Fraser H Gatineau H Kootenay H Margaree H Ottawa H Qu'Appelle H Restigouche H Annapolis I Buxton H Columbia I Hamilton I Niagara I Clair I Croix I Mansfield G Athabaskan G Tribal Class Destroyers built in Canada. Algonquin Athabaskan Huron Iroquois Annapolis Class Destroyer Escort. Annapolis Mackenzie Class Destroyer Escorts.

Mackenzie Qu'Appelle Saskatchewan Restigouche Class Destroyer Escorts. Chaudiere Columbia Gatineau Kootenay Restigouche Croix Terra Nova Laurent Class Destroyer Escorts. Assiniboine Margaree Saguenay Laurent Diving Tender 2. Diving Tender 3.

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Diving Tender 5. CD 4 -NL CD 9 -NL CD 13 - NL CD 14 - NL CD 15 - NL CD 16 - NL CD 17 - NL CD 18 - NL CD 19 -NL CD 20 -NL CD 21 - NL CD 22 -NL CD 23 - NL CD 24 -NL CD 25 - NL CD 26 -NL CD 27 -NL CD 28 - NL CD 29 - NL CD 30 U. CD 31 U. CD 32 - NL CD 33 - NL CD 34 - NL CD 35 - NL CD 37 - NL CD 38 - NL CD 39 -NL CD 40 -NL CD 42 NL CD 48 - NL CD 49 - NL CD 51 G.

CD 53 - NL CD 68 - NL CD 69 G. CD 73 - NL CD 74 -NL CD 75 G. CD 79 - NL CD 81 B. CD 85 G - NL CD 87 -NL CD 95 NL Allaverdy FY Arashio FY