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Chris with Russell, left, and Vince Boston in Belize in a snap taken about a week before his murder and kept by Russell.

What's at the bottom of the ocean -- and how we're getting there - Victor Vescovo

With no concrete evidence, the official investigations hit the buffers. In an attempt to keep the case alive, Dad, who worked for the BBC, placed articles in the British press and appealed for information in the Belize Times newspaper. Among those who got in touch was American Dr Tom Lane, who in turn enlisted a Belizean friend, Alphonso de Pena, to act as a private investigator — and it was de Pena who made the first significant breakthrough.

At the end of January , de Pena was told by a Catholic priest in Livingston, Guatemala, just south of the Belize border, that local fishermen had made a terrible discovery: they had found the bodies of a young European couple in the water the previous July. A navy diver had cut the bloated corpses free from ropes anchoring them to engine parts on the seabed yards from shore. Buried in unmarked graves, the dead couple were never identified. The news hit our families like a hammer blow. We all knew it must be them. How many other missing young Europeans could there be in such a remote area?

Nine weeks later, we finally learned the truth about Chris and Peta. They had been tortured, tied and beaten before drowning. Manchester Police asked detectives in Sacramento to interview Boston and his sons in May , but it never happened. He had taken his sons and disappeared. We lived with our loss for the next 37 years. While the passage of time means you think about it less, the sense of pain never diminishes.

It suddenly struck me that we now live in a different age. We have the worldwide web as a source of almost limitless information, rather than the painfully slow exchange of letters of the late s. I began to scour the internet, driven by the belief that if I looked hard enough, I would get to Boston — and the truth. My head was spinning, we always knew the brothers were the two people we desperately needed to talk to and I sent them private messages urging them to tell me what had happened on the boat.

Monster: Silas Duane Boston in Sacramento in , 34 years after the murders. By now, I was like a dog with a bone and soon tracked down Boston himself. His Facebook picture was of a grizzled year-old with a white beard wearing a T-shirt under a denim shirt, a baseball cap and sunglasses.

To me, he looked like trailer trash — or a serial killer from a horror movie. Though I instantly hated him, my overwhelming feeling was relief he was still alive to face justice. I decided to contact the cold case unit at GMP. Our expectations of them reopening the case were low. The first came soon after discovering the case files had not been lost. For some reason, the long-retired detective in charge had kept a complete copy.

We were in business. Vince gave a statement to Amy on October 13, , 11 days after I had sent him a Facebook message and the day after we had been to GMP. He told her that it was an open family secret that his father had killed his mother, but no one knew where he had buried her. Vince then told Amy he had witnessed the cold-blooded murders of Chris and Peta on board the boat. No hope of escape: An engine part identical to the ones used to weigh down Chris and Peta. It would later emerge that he had repeatedly tried to alert the authorities to the killings, but with no success.

Further attempts by Vince and his brother Russell to get the case taken seriously on both sides of the Atlantic fell on deaf ears.

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It was our visit to Greater Manchester Police in October that proved the game-changer. As the story unfolded, we realised the stomach-churning terror they must have felt and just how unlucky they had been to chance upon a psychopath on a remote Central American island. He awaits execution. A driver emerged and approached officers. Kraft, a year-old Long Beach computer consultant, targeted young drifters and Marines he found hitchhiking.

In , Kraft was convicted of 16 murders after an month trial, at the time the longest and costliest criminal proceeding in Orange County history. What : Dyson insisted that her sleeping husband was stabbed to death by a masked intruder who then raped her and forced her to drive him away. Huntington Beach detectives were unconvinced. Why had Dyson conveniently slept in another room that night? Why was there no blood on her or her car? Why did she wait several hours to call police to their Huntington Harbour condo? An Orange County jury convicted her of first-degree murder in Strangely enough, Dyson was not the only wife who hired a hit man to kill her husband in Huntington Beach in Two others did the same thing:.

Jeanette Hughes was convicted of having husband Jim Hughes shot to death as he slept in their bed. And Anita Ford was convicted of arranging the killing of husband Barry Ford, who was found shot to death in an industrial park. Local police were flabbergasted; premeditated spousal murders are rare. Statewide, 57 women killed their husbands in , and many of those killings occurred during a fight or argument. In all three Huntington Beach cases, detectives alleged, the women conspired with male friends to kill their husbands for insurance money. There must be something in the water.

Dyson was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. She has been denied parole several times, and is eligible again this year. What : A Mission Viejo woman awoke to the sound of gunshots in her bedroom on the night of Aug. For more than a year, Ramirez, a year-old drifter from Texas, terrorized Southern California in a rampage of murder, rape, mutilation and sodomy.

The press nicknamed him the Night Stalker because he sneaked into homes at night through unlocked doors and windows. He killed his victims with handguns, knives, a machete, a tire iron and a hammer.

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As Ramirez drove away, she struggled to a window and got a description of his orange Toyota station wagon that led to his arrest. What : On Nov. He drove to her workplace, a Huntington Beach dry cleaner, found it ransacked and called police to report her disappearance. That night, they raped and strangled Murray, 19, and left her body in the bathtub. Five days earlier, the couple had abducted and killed Redlands insurance clerk Corrina Novis, 20, and buried her in a vineyard.

What : David Brown was out buying comic books — he made sure of that — when his year-old daughter climbed on his bed and shot his wife, Linda, twice in the chest. A visibly shaken David Brown, 36, said he went out that night to get away from the bickering between his wife and daughter. He drove new cars and bought new homes. In , the teenager told detectives that her father and Bailey had plotted the murder, assuring her that she was too young to go to prison.

They gave her a. Both Cinnamon Brown and Bailey testified against David Brown in his trial, which spawned a made-for-TV movie and two true-crime books. He died in What : She just vanished one night. Newport Beach waitress Denise Huber was returning home from a Morrissey concert when her Honda had a blowout about 2 a. Friends found her car just south of Bear Street in Costa Mesa.

But there was no sign of Huber for more than three years — until Arizona authorities found her decomposed body in a freezer belonging to Famalaro , a former Lake Forest house painter. As a child, Famalaro was spanked at home and bullied at school. As an adult, he stalked one girlfriend and handcuffed another. Then in the early morning hours of June 3, , he saw Huber, 23, stranded along the freeway.

Famalaro ordered a new Montgomery Ward freezer and had it delivered to the Laguna Hills warehouse where he lived at the time. Over the next three years, Famalaro moved the cubic-foot, chest-style freezer to other storage sheds, always insisting the power be kept on. In , a jury took less than six hours to convict Famalaro of first-degree murder. He was sentenced to death and remains on death row. What : When she married on Nov. But four weeks after their union, Omaima, 24, bludgeoned her new husband to death with a clothes iron and boiled his head.

When police entered their Elden Avenue apartment on Dec. A fifth trash bag, holding his vital organs, was stashed in his red Corvette parked outside the Sus Casitas Apartments. In court, Omaima claimed that William sexually abused her and that she killed him to stop a string of rapes and beatings. She admitted to chopping him into pieces and hiding some parts with leftover Thanksgiving turkey.

I was temporarily insane. What : He almost got away with six murders — while an innocent man languished in prison 16 years for the crime. Women in danger, boats, Keys volume of drinking if you've ever spent any time down there, you'll understand , murder and mayhem. Plus a dog that acts more like a cat than a dog. What else do you need? If you are looking for a fun distraction for an evening, this is your book. I'm moving on to installment Dec 28, Byron Miller rated it really liked it Shelves: books.

Reads fast and I enjoyed the dialogue between the friends. Worth the read and I will continue the series.

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Nov 23, Alan Ellis rated it it was amazing. Realistic characters, humor, suspense Read from cover to cover in two sittings. Characters become realistic and you feel as if you know them. Lots of twists, clues and action.

Oct 18, BonusMom rated it really liked it. Good On par with the first one. Good humor, action and mystery. A quick and fun read and good for the night. Oct 07, Ed Robinson rated it it was amazing. My friend Rodney Riesel has two books currently selling well at Amazon. They both feature Dan Coast, and are set in Key West. Like myself, Rod writes in a straight-forward, terse style. By that I mean he gets to the point without a lot of flowery language or lengthy scene and character description.

He lets the story speak for itself. Both books are pretty quick, light-hearted reads.


They are perfect for the beach, or maybe on a cold n My friend Rodney Riesel has two books currently selling well at Amazon. Dan Coast is a cool character in a long line of Key West cool characters. Sep 18, Ian Wallace rated it it was amazing.

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A Pleasure to Read I really enjoyed latest tale by Mr. Diesel, and especially the way it is told. His ingeniously basic and folksy style with its endearingly minute detailing of common acts have a way of getting one delightfully immersed in the story. Also, his worldly characters, none of which take themselves too seriously, adds to the leisure and pleasure of the reading experience. All in all, a nice little tale with a the essential ingredient of being well told.

Nov 18, Drew rated it really liked it Shelves: beach-mysteries , on-my-kindle.