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People had been posting the fact that voting forms would arrive only 5 days before the referendum date. Post from France takes 5 days. There are 1. Most of these people would have voted to remain. Add to this the downright lies fed to the electorate by the Leave campaign and some of the tabloids — Farage admitted the day after the election that the EU money would NOT go to the NHS. Many poor souls believed him. We are talking about the future of our country and the people in it and those like me likely to be homeless and jobless should I be forced to come back to the UK.

I lived 19 years in paris, and had to get the carte de sejour before Unfortunatly i didnt go for citizenship during those 2 decades in France- my loss now as to get citizenship now would mean having to live in France for 4 years and work — and work there is none in France especially after 40 your chances are zilch. The author does understand that any vote is a snapshot at that point? Amen to that Andy both sides had the chance to argue the Case and on many Occasion more time and articles of imaginary Doom were more prolific from the Stay side. The decision has been made and the majority won.

But there will always be sour grapes from the losers. Perhaps now they see what the EU wants to charge us to get out and they will realise this may be our last chance…. Democracy is a concept — we then use a variety of processes, electoral systems and laws to run the country. Any result that is seen as unfair by a large numb. The elites need a docile global population and unfettered access to markets to retain their power and treasure. There was little or no content highlighting the benefits of being in the EU.

Day after day in the run up to the election, remain bombarded the public with warnings of disaster if we were to leave, heads of state, so called impartial civil servants, the president of the USA etc. Their campaign was a partial success as I believe that the outcome would have been an even larger majority voting to leave if the remain campaign had not been fed by lies, half-truths, twisted statistics or no statistics at all, manipulation, and an appeal to the lowest common denominator.

People fell for the lies, and now the country is screwed because of it. This is well written and argued at a micro-level, but — while I wish the referendum result had been different -its over-arching argument is terrible — patronising and technocratic in exactly the way the various people below say.

While useful pointing out some home truths to Brexiteers that they are not exactly an overwhelming majority, this article does a disservice to the pro-European cause. Ha ha, quite an amusing spoof, but the graph is a dead giveaway! No academic would in seriousness make such a claim from such a graph, so Adrian Low is clearly being satirical. Tiny fly in the ointment is that the polls before the referendum also showed a majorty for remain. I mean, who wants to take part in a poll on a past event?

The most likely participants would be people with a grievance i. This referendum had a very high turnout, was given unavoidable coverage and the result must be accepted. The fact his source for the polling is an anti-brexit website rather than a non biased polling website that conveniently misses several pro brexit polls just shows how far academic standards have slipped at the LSE.

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On the contrary: the article is strong and rigourous. Your objections, on the other hand, speak volumes: feigning an air of intelectual superiority when someone points out that brexit was sold to us on a pack of lies, and will turn this country into an inward-looking irrelevance. So you disagree that under these rules the vote to take us into the EU would be void?

Or that you can demonstrate how it was somehow harder for remains to vote? No, it is not bluster. The points you make are pretty easy to refute. The overwhelming assumption on the day was that we would vote to remain, so people tired of the process yet who wanted to stay in did not bother to vote.

A foolish mistake, and one which distorted the result. First year political students are taughtt the folly of such apathy: people who feel strongly about a subject — in case the outists — are moree likelly to go to vote. Haad people realised what was at stake, I daresay more people would have turned out. Thus, far fromh being abstract, these objections are concrete. What an absolutely stupid statement. With respect to the suggestion that I have chosen biased polls, I have not done that, nor am I aware of any evidence of bias from different pollsters.

The no2brexit. I have not said that the vote is invalid, it is a democratic vote using the UK rules to administer that vote. Why the young vote did not come out has been speculated on by others Financial Times model and I have presented that argument here. It was not based on the graphical entries.

I regret not indicating that on the graph and have consequently relabelled the graph on no2brexit. Incidentally, as others have pointed out, the notification by the government on October 7th that those who have been expats for 15 years or more will soon have a vote, perhaps million of them, would also be likely to increase any Remain majority in the polls. I regret not including this group in the article, I should have done so, as some comments have indicated, and not least because I work with many of them.

The latest polls on what the UK thinks will happen as a result of Brexit are depressing reading. They are remarkable responses and it surely must make politicians question why, if that is the expectation, the same polls of the same people do not report an even higher Remain majority. I voted to leave and not because I was taken in by the lies or exaggerations from the leave campaign, I fully understood the real pros and cons by doing my own home work. I ignored project fear and their lies too, my thoughts were that we should not have open borders there is too much threat from terrorism.

For those that say the referendum was advisory please read the official government leaflet particularly where Mr Cameron says you the people have a choice and whatever you decided I will act upon it. I applaud every one of the Every remain voter has basically stated they support corruption in favour of safety.

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And what happened to our so called special relationship with the EU? Steve: The leaflets I received from the official leave campaign were full of lies that have now been discredited, and were perpetuated by politicians who have now disowned them. You may not have been swayed, but many were, and a number of national newspapers decided to run similar fiction as headlines. Good luck finding any of them though, since they all buggered off from the smouldering remains of their filthy campaign.

Karl: I would simply point out one benefit of being in the EU: membership of the single market. Oh please! What was being said was that instead of paying the EU millions a week for the pleasure of being a member, the money could be put into the NHS. Why do you people who support remaining in the EU constantly try to discredit the result of the referendum, instead of pointing out what you believe to be the benefits of remaining in the EU?

I voted out and I have not heard one thing since which would encourage me to change my mind. I appreciate that many people are afraid of leaving the EU and going it alone, but that, to me, is no reason to stay in what increasingly looks like a very dictatorial organisation which no one voted for. Surely this should be up to your children and grandchildren to decide their future. Your loss if wealth? What loss? Triple lock protected pension, likely increase in inflation and interest rates boosting returns for pensions.

Perhaps property values may fall, but as this is an asset that cannot be liquidated until after your death then only impact on your inheritor not you. You are supported by the European Institute, need I say more!! We voted OUT for a reason, the government has accepted that and so should everyone else. At last WE can dictate what happens to our country, rather than a biased and corrupt European Superstate. Let us ALL work together and prove to the rest of the world that we were right and bring back the great in Great Britain!

All you remainera get over it the uk is leaving the eu it was a democratic vote it wasnt a advisory vote trying to find ways to stop the uk leaving now would all those remainers be saying the same thing if it went the other way no i dont think they would. Yes the EU is a good idea in theory. Otherwise the fraud, corruption, waste, cronyism, undemocratic set-up, etc etc is a bit of a problem.

The idea that only Most people in the know are aware that the poll was rigged but could not be rigged enough for Brexit to lose. As a statistician, the author of this article must appreciate that the polls before the referendum showed a Brexit lead but the bookmakers odds showed a strong preference for Remain. The only explanation for this is that the bookmakers had inside knowledge that the poll was going to be rigged. Cameron must have known this also which is why he accepted the Brexit so easily, i.

That is ridiculous to suggest the vote was rigged, in fact the polls were fairly accurate and within the margin of error; some of the last polls even got the result correct. We might pay more in than we get back, but, that will be lost in far greater numbers by the shrinking economy, which will be a result of Hard Brexit.

Then there is the lost to scientific innovation, where the UK currently excels, it will even have a negative effect on the music industry, as bands will have to apply for Visas to tour on the continent. Then there will be an increased benefits bill to pay unemployment money to all those who lose their job and less taxation collected. Furthermore, this money is used to help less well off nations, mainly in Eastern Europe, you know the very same countries that the West encouraged to overthrow their communist dictatorships. In the s, when Britain was described as the sick man of Europe, we took out more than we put in, this helped our economy recover.

There is no evidence to suggest the age demographics used by the author of this article are incorrect. It was written by a Professor of Computing Education at Staffordshire University, you know one of those experts the Michael Gove dislikes so much, i. Re Comment from Nicholas Ennos, prior to the referendum the polls did not show a Brexit lead. On June 22nd itself there were six polls, four for Remain and two for Leave.

The governments mandate is to enact the will of the people. We all agree to that. The will of the people is different to the will of the electorate however. She must be hoping to enact article 50 quickly to avoid an election where conservatives would lose every metropolitan area, and reinvigorating the opposition if they backed leave, or lose out further to ukip if they back remain.

Every survey still indicates a majority remain, even when not including the under 18s which cannot vote but are still citizens and are therefore govt should be obligated to consider. That is the will of the people and should be respected. Entirely fatuous to imply that people and only Remainers? I look forward to future General Elections if this trend ensues..

There was a third group of disenfranchised voters: UK citizens living in Europe more than 15 years. I know some are of the opinion that living outside the country negates our right to vote, but we are still deeply affected by UK foreign policy. Also most of us have investments and pensions in the UK and many have property there and want to travel freely to visit friends and family. All this is up in the air along with our right to live and work in Europe. Most countries in the world have no restriction on how long one can stay out of the country and still vote.

The UK is moving to this as well, but rushed through the referendum before it will be in place. Just to point out, the insistence that the vote was the exercise of the democratic will of the British public is severely called into question by the nature of the campaign. A democratic vote is not just the exercise of the will of the public, but an exercise of the will of a well informed public. The integrity of this particular exercise is compromised by the fact that many voted on either side may I add on the basis of arguments that were simply not true in the case of historical circumstances, or unsupportable in the case of future forecasts.

Even if we accept that what you say is fact, how does that differ from local council elections or a general election? An advisory referendum to fundamentally change the conditions of life and livelihood of 66 million people, at least 6 million of whom are UK citizens resident abroad, 2 million or so disfranchised, carried by a very narrow majority of votes cast, without any of the safeguards of a mandatory referendum, won on the basis of outright blatant and criminal lies by politicians and a rabid tabloid press run largely by overseas interests, without any prospect of a change back for something like 40 years or more, furthermore destroying relations between the UK and the rest of the EU, being pushed by a stubborn, incompetent and dishonest government bent on the destruction of the country, is VERY different from local council or general elections.

This article would get laughed out of. Do you have any idea how many European potential loans and investments will be stopped in other areas such as the infrastructure and even the NHS? Sorry to say this but you live in a darker age than this century….. What sort of funds are you talking about? The Government has already made it clear that any current funds being received from the EU will be protected for a given period. How many lives are being affected and how? What is a Premier store? If you are that enamoured about living in the EU, have you thought of moving to a country which is a current member and looks like continuing to be one for the near future?

Young people will be most affected by the outcomes of Brexit. Yet 16 to 17 year olds, a large […]. I care about the lifestyles of the workers of my own country not the elites that only care about themselves. I am English NOT European and nothing will change my mind or convince me to live under European law whilst they dump their criminals on us. I have never read a more ridiculous pile of rubbish. The 16m who voted remain is about the same as who took part in the last EU Elections it could be argued that the remainder of the 40 or so million voted with thier feet and didnt want to be involved in the whole European project.

Given the chance to kick it into touch a majority of the entire electorate said an emphatic NO to the EU. To Andrew Harvey: No, not a majority of the entire electorate, only a narrow majority of those who actually voted, i. And skewed anyway by the number of votes lost through the postal voting papers not being dispatched in time from the UK to many abroad. To Nicholas Newman: If you make the assumption that those who support something will demonstrate an interest.

You will see from the following data the level of support shown by casting a vote has for some time been abysmally low. Where as for the Brexit election there was a It may not be scientific but me it says given the opportunity to do something about the EU project a majority of those interested got out and registered their disapproval and desire for something new and better.

You forgot 2 million expat Britons excluded because of living out of the UK more than 15 years, despite Tory manifesto pledge to scrap the 15 year limit on expat voting. Simply because we are UK citizens. The UK is contravening a fundamental human right in continuing to deny us a vote, and Brexit is an outstanding example of the necessity to regain that right. Most of us have no other citizenship, a very high proportion of us have been working abroad for UK interests, UK firms, UK membership of international organisations, and many many of us civil servants, teachers, armed forces, police etc.

Many of us ave family in the UK and maintain a keen interest in UK affairs. Anyway Karl, stop trolling. We are talking about people who have been living outside of the UK for more than 15 years. Not people who are just working abroad. The results is that we voted to leave. Might it be that the LSE as an academic institution fears Brexit and the possible loss of funding? The author of the leading article seems to me to be a remoaner who cannot accept the result and is fearful of grant loss from the EU hence the tenor and content of the article. Special pleading methinks. The Eu is undemocratic by design, go look at the treaty of Rome.

If the EU implements a decision I do not like I have no democratic response available to me, the commission is appointed not elected.. For example incandescent light bulbs that I can no longer buy due to a ruling from the commission who are appointed not elected. The EU is an incipient dictatorship driven by what I can best describe as dreamers with a fixed view of the3 future, i.

Any dissent will be punished! Bring it on Juncker! What utter nonsense, We should never have gone into Europe in the first place. They only want to control us.. We have had to fight practically every country in the Eu at some point. We are already better off now than before the brexit vote, The doom mongers said we would all be out of work in two weeks!!

So what happened there then? We remember what it was like before Europe and it was much better. Why do so many want to come here? It is the one that is most adaptable to change. You forgot the UK citizens currently resident in other EU countries who were denied the right to vote. Of the probably conservative, since it may exclude descendants with dual nationality UN estimate of 1. If that is the case, why on earth should they be allowed to vote on an issue which affects those of us who still live here, pay our taxes here, spend our money here and have to put up with the negative aspects of our membership of the EU.

Many of us have family in the UK and maintain a keen interest in UK affairs. I see no reason why we should espouse a different nationality just because we live in another country, and you may not realise this but many people who have lived outside the UK for more than 15 years have lived in several countries over time, for many reasons which may include their profession, and may be also for UK interests, and which may not give rise to any desire to acquire one or more other nationalities.

And another remark — there are imperfections in the EU — which you do not list — but it is ALL EU citizens who may have to put up with any negative aspects, wherever they live, in the EU or outside, not just UK citizens resident in the UK. Anyway Karl, stop repeating yourself. Have you compared this latest comment of yours to all the others you have posted? I am not so sure that it is I who needs to stop repeating myself. Why do I ignore it? If not, would you mind explaining why? If you want to discuss reciprocal arrangements between the EU and the UK after we leave, then say so.

Avoidant answer. A straw man is a false argument, set up to be defeated — this is a genuine, concrete, historical situation with real consequences: whom it was legitimate to allow to participate in the referendum. Place of birth perhaps? Which would make every child of Brits born abroad — including diplomats, the military, contract workers, etc — not British.

Recent payment of tax? Immigrants pay more. Where should we go next — blood line? The mathematical analysis is at best extremely lazy and at worst deliberately misleading. Those who indicate they would change their vote or stick with the vote I have assumed had a vote. In the YouGov results, particularly, they have presented two types of table for the others.

Most include a Did not vote category which. This provides the only indication of the numbers in the poll that simply did not have a vote so their preferences should not be included. This is not a crude adjustment but a serious attempt, given the limitations on data available, to present the results as what the electorate would vote, rather than including individuals who were unlikely to be in the electorate. I have not understood since June why we are running with the result of one rather dodgy horse race, instead of seeking to find the settled will of an informed British public. And only the most dodgy outfits would make a major change on such a slim majority.

I suspect that people have accepted this result because we use the first past the post system in general elections. Thanks Adrian! This was highlighted last week in a blog written by Adrian Low who pointed to the forgotten Had the 2. Irrelevant about Australian voting. Irrelevant about year olds. Irrelevant about people not being bothered because they thought it was in the bag. Pitiful stuff from author. They were the rules. Great article if you like hearing the ugly voice of liberal extremism and contempt for democracy, all done, of course, in the name of democracy. This is how democracy works.

No amount of statistical manipulation and special pleading can alter this fundamental fact. The only democratically valid evidence we have is the result of the referendum. Opinion polls are becoming notoriously unreliable: look at the result of the GE, the recent American election and indeed the polls leading up to the EU referendum. I voted remain in the referendum, but now think that I would vote leave if given a second chance. How many more people think like me, bucking the alleged statistical trend?

One other thing… opinion polls are only as good as the level of genuine freedom of speech which exists in the society in question. In our increasingly politically correct society many people are nervous about expressing their honest views publicly. The only place they may feel safe is in the voting booth. This is why opinion polls need to be tested by a robust method, which allows people to express their views with complete confidence and without any fear of negative repercussions.

Relying on untested polling data is hugely irresponsible — and, of course, utterly undemocratic. And it is also known that there were occult over the legal limit finances involved. On the contrary Cameron told us absolutely clearly that whatever the electorate decided would be implemented by parliament. He was the Prime Minister. You were not. Surely a second referendum would, according to the leavers, show that the majority wish to leave, so why are they so opposed to it?

They should rejoice at the idea of a second round as according to them it would go the same way. But it seems better to say no and call people all the names under the sun. The stench of fascism is unbearable. Wars and conflicts arise continually among humans — because we deny other peoples preferences. We need to learn a lesson here! How dare anyone state what the British general public want or not.

Even when in France recently every working class person I met i. SO what is it? The leave campaign used lies upon lies yet were barely reproached for it. They still are, telling us how giving us a fantastic deal is in their interest more than ours! You have to be an ardent leaver to believe that rubbish. It has already been stated multiple times that the remaing 27 are more concerned with maintaining the integrity of the eu than their industries. We are not their most important trading partner, you have to remember that the eu is much more than a german car industry.

Yes leaving the eu led to predictions of a huge economic downturn, it was less severe than predicted but this so much more to do with pre emptive measures taken by the boe. The economy is dropping, its just more of a trickle rather than a deluge. Imagine your standard of living now, within a few years it will be a step down from that. What i found most telling about this whole thing is how opportunistic the politicians were, jumping on the populist kick out the immigrants crowd brexit campaign to further their own ambitions, tilts head to Boris.

Cos the people who generally voted out will be gone. Why, when the original polls proved to be wrong, do you use subsequent polls as evidence of public opinion? All you are doing is regurgitating the same old discredited nonsense, that the country cannot survive outside of the EU. What part of the result dd you not not understand? We the people voted out! Dont patronize us! Now we need a vote for Aussies Kiwis and South Africans coming here. The only people who do the jobs we dont want to do and Indians. Yet we pander to the white Common Wealth and white Europeans.

Yet we allow the offspring of criminals the right to come here work here use our NHS. Whilst all that come to this county do not pay the TV license, road tax, or any form of tax! What then, after […]. Surely the time was grave enough to justify her NOT giving it, even though the last time was years ago. Yes indeed Mr. Newman, UK Democracy has been exposed for the sham it was.

While Politicians and their Partys pay little to no heed to the Law, the law has not gone away. A Court Case in Dublin may yet help us. Technically speaking, if the Queen were to refuse Royal Assent, then we would be in constitutional crisis, with the very real possibility of removal of the royal family. But surely if the Monarch cannot even oppose the consequences of a flawed referendum result based on fraud, lies and dishonesty of the highest order, tantamount to treason i.

So although I have always felt a great loyalty to the Monarch in the past, that loyalty is now being very, very sorely tested. And who exactly would dare to remove the Royal Family? By what means? A new Revolution? Oh well, pipe-dreams I suppose! Which would take us further away from the Representative Democracy we are supposed to be. And, as things stand with the Partys and their Leaders, that commitment appears to be absent still. It is no mere coincidence that my view coincides with the correct course of action;common sense, is just that — common.

You forgot to add, in your opinion. You are on the wrong side of history and it is time all you remainers started supporting those determined to make leaving a success rather than constantly talking the country and its people down. I neglected to add that my view is also supported by the norms of our Constitution. I am content — given that I have the Law with me, that I will be on the right side of history. Its advice can only be reasonably construed as supporting the status quo — i. UK remaining a member of the EU.

And in what regard are they determined to succeed? It is already clear that the UK will lose out economically;jobs are going, investment failing to materialize etc. You may rather just be getting your excuses in early, by blaming me and folk like me, for your own failings. He it was who said that a split in favour of Remain would mean his campaign would continue. Those readers who consider the EU Referendum to have been illegal, as suggested in the article above, might like to consider crowdfunding a legal case to be brought against the European Commission by lawyer Julien Fouchet.

What about all the British citizens living abroad for more than 15 years who were denied the right to vote? Those votes alone would most probably have secured the right to remain. Simply because we are UK citizens and thus affected by parliamentary and governmental decisions and procedures. It is also a fundamental human right, unfortunately not rendered obligatory under the Treaties and conventions concerned. Karl — Lots of those people who have lived abroad for more than 15 years are paying British taxes.

It is true that successive ministers have said they would return voting rights to expats who left the UK over 15 years ago, however, those are political promises, which have yet to be approved or voted for in the Houses of Parliament. Therefore, the EU referendum is currently legal in terms of meeting out constitutional requirements. Unfortunately I have to agree with you. Harry Shindler took our disfranchisement to the ECHR and lost through mendacious and heavy intervention by the UK government and frankly a misunderstanding of the issue by a narrow majority of the judges involved, leading to an excellent report by the remaining minority of the judges.

Mr Preston took this issue as high as he could within the UK courts and lost. So our magnificently dishonest government are now in the Brexit disaster with the rest of us, whereas had we had the vote the result of the referendum would almost certainly have been the opposite. I remain convinced that the result would have been marginally remain, had expat votes been allowed.

However, that would be a reasonably strong reason why the government dragged their heals in allowing the legislation to move forward. Surely it must be possible to do something to stop this madness? I want the decision overturned as much as many of you, but there is no mechanism left to do so.

Unless the Lib Dems get a majority, there will not even be a referendum on the final deal with any other party. I want to be optimistic, but we also have to face facts: the damage to our reputation has been done; the damage to our economy will follow. Once the electorate realise how bad the damage will be, it will be far, far too late to do anything about it. The mechanism available to prevent it remains with the principle of MPs using their best judgment to do what is best.

Yes, lets be optimistic and hope this attempt to overturn the will of the people will fail miserably. Intelligent enough for you? No mainstream media featured the 12, , voters left out of the count, over two-thirds the number of those who voted Leave. You sound just like Corbyn who claimed he won the election by getting less votes. What absolute rubbish. More people would back Brexit today. We know The gamble the politicians are taking is that by following the advice and leaving the EU, a sufficiently large proportion of the electorate will either keep them in power Cons or put them in power Lab.

Looking at the change in voting patterns across the age groups it would appear the risk increases over time. This will be an uncomfortable time for political supporters of Brexit, because people are unforgiving of politicians who make their personal situation worse. Yes, Corbyn is at fault — but only to the same degree as Theresa May. What has Theresa May won? The Prime Minister of the day promised that he would abide by the majority decision. It is clear cut. What is there to argue and bicker about forever and a day? I have friends who voted to remain, but on questioning them, I found they had no idea what the EU is really about and their reasons were quite trivial.

Oh, how exciting it all must be — that the entire future of the UK should rely solely upon trivialities. I have no doubt that the Tory verses Tory contest, was certain to end with a Tory victory. So much for the Tories. But, what about the future? What is it about UK democracy — that thing that gloried in the USP of Parliamentary Sovereignty which, together with an uncodified Constitution, could react quickly to the approach of economic ruin?

How is it now that we seem set today to impoverish all — come hell or high water? If such a thing is not to be countenanced in this Parliament — there will be others. Ever considered that the polls themselves are innaccurate, and may be centred on city folk rather than poor northerners, as it is the city folk who will often answer these surveys? We have a very London dominanted focus. To be clear, this has nothing to do with the results. An electoral process is not measured by whether, on a given occasion, it delivers the result you desire.

To be exact on the historical figures here, the original 17, , voters supporting Leave in a rush referendum whose wording itself […]. To be exact on the historical figures here, the original 17, , voters supporting Leave in a rush referendum whose wording itself changed in the spectacle process hardly exceeded a third of the electorate 46,, as enumerated by the UK Electoral Commission. Thankfully, we have, in the General Election, a more recent full electorate test of public opinion. In that election the LibDems, Greens and SNP nailed their colours clearly to the remain mast while Conservative and Labour offered different flavours of brexit.

What a totally baseless and specious argument, which demonstrates a fundamental ignorance about how politics works. You cannot equate a general election with all that entails for party loyalties etc. Yes it did — but your message was clear enough Nicholas. Brexit stems from lies, all it can ever become is a lie. Oh — the straw-man with off-hand put down technique not, if I may be permitted to say, very well executed. Did I say there were no other factors in a general election?

How does it work?

No — in fact there it is in black and white and central to my whole point. Let us assume that the referendum result had been a marginal win for remain and that in a subsequent general election UKIP, as the only pro-leave party, had, as the LibDems in this election, polled just 7. I would agree that the referendum was flawed and dishonest. Most deeply and unspeakably, there was no hint of media attention to the first question of […]. That means that the Leavers must keep on doing what they always […]. Because it was so bizarre in failing to repair […].

Brexit is based on lying promises, over of us voted Brexit for extra funding for the NHS. We want another referendum meaning 2nd referendum now we know the truth about this lying BREXIT government we want to change our vote. WE wish to remain with EU. It says:. But the period is also assumed to include significant capacity-building and technology cost reductions, following two five-year national determined contribution NDC cycles of the Paris Agreement, such that after , deployment can proceed at an accelerated pace to ensure a result well-below 2C.

MIT also assesses the impact of a massive global effort towards reforestation, covering an area the size Brazil by If added to the other elements of the Shell scenario, this effort could limit warming to 1. Looking out to , the chart above shows that energy-related CO2 emissions turn net-negative in all except one of the 18 other well-below 2C scenarios in the SSP database. Shell has negative emissions by , while the others range from through to Note that BECCS, the most commonly referred-to option, tends to stand in as a proxy for all negative emissions approaches, in current modelling efforts.

Even this lower-end deployment of CCS would be a huge challenge: Shell suggests it would need a new industry at least as large as the current global fleet of coal-fired power stations. As implausible as that sounds, the chart above shows that Shell is far from alone in relying on negative emissions to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. This is despite the risks of relying on what remains a relatively untested range of technologies and approaches — and the moral hazard of assuming negative emissions will be possible.

Get a Daily or Weekly round-up of all the important articles and papers selected by Carbon Brief by email. Multi Crystalline solar cells, Shell Solar, Germany. Simon Evans Shell scenarios Shell has a long history of using scenario analysis to test and direct company strategy.

Note that primary energy is a measure of the energy content at source. Here, this also applies to the waste heat from nuclear power, with Shell following the convention set by the International Energy Agency IEA. In contrast, primary energy from wind, solar and hydro is measured in terms of the electricity they generate. Bioenergy includes traditional biomass, such as wood or dung, as well as biofuels and biomass power.

Chart by Carbon Brief using Highcharts. Related Articles. Shell outlines 'below 2C' climate change scenario Energy May 5. Energy October How he wished, hoped and how much of that dream encompassed his life and regardless of whether people were dismissing it, he still held on to his fire and did not doubt it. Yes, the occasional doubt was there, naturally it would be, but his belief in that dream kept him afloat. And that just hit so close to home for me.

I want to say more about this book. I want to be able to explain the absolute magic it encompassed and honed within me, the comforting emotions I was feeling throughout and the false sense of security I was duped into believing and led to, because that ending was just heart-wrenching. And we all know it is a mark of a remarkable book when it leaves you loss for words.

Well, fuck. I think my soul has just left my body. RTC when it decides to join me again. Okay, I'm feeling guilty for having to put this book down for the 2nd time now. At all. I'll get to you soon. View all 53 comments. Dream up something wild and improbable," she pleaded. There was so much pain, mistrust, hate, despair and fear. But there was also hope, trust, the flutter of wings, dreams and love. Always love.

Desperate love, hopeless love, guilty love, unrequited love, motherly love, hopeful love, destructive love, young love, old love, dying love, love in every form. I think I could go on and on with this one. Such a perfect book… such a compelling story. Well done, Laini. Well done! The old one opened his mind, but it was the new one that climbed inside, turned several circles, and settled in with a grunt — like a satisfied dragon in a cozy new lair.

And there it would remain — the mystery, in his mind — exhaling enigma for years to come. Just read it. XD The Characters: And here it is, my infamous spoilery spoiler section. This boy is so sweet, innocent, amazing and pure. Seriously, I think he might be the purest soul I ever had the pleasure to read about. I love him, I just love him so much!! He needs to be protected at all costs!!! He was so altruistic and generous it was so beautiful to watch. He never judged. He just listened to all the different sides and he accepted every opinion even if his own differed.

That ending!!! It needed someone far more daring than he. It needed the thunder and the avalanche, the war cry and the whirlwind. It needed fire. Others, moreover, who had expended no passion on it at all. His impossible dream had, against all probability, crossed deserts and mountains to come to Zosma and extend an unprecedented invitation. But not to him. But even if it was just walls and a roof with papers inside, it had bewitched him, and drawn him in, and given him everything he needed to become himself. Men and women, babies and grandparents.

I kiss them and they shudder. I loved that Sarai was so empathic and thought out of the box. After everything she went through she still stood by her convictions and refused to give herself to hatred and wrath. I mean she knew that both sides did awful things, but she was also aware that it were mistakes and atrocities other people had done.

She was nothing but a baby when the gods fell and even though Minya kind of bullied her into hurting the people of Weep she still knew that her actions were wrong. Did I already mention that I hate that ending? Her voice grew heavy. That was what his feelings were now, what Isagol had made of them. Nothing good or pure could survive in him. All was corruption and gore, suffocating in his self-loathing. How weak he was, how pitiful. Sounds awesome! Has a certain ring to it, right? Well, actually it loses all its glory. Boy, was he a tormented and tortured soul. I loved it! The answer is simple.

They are complex, they are interesting, and they intrigue me. Immensely I might add. What a fascinating personality. Devoured by rancor and love, torn between duty and self-hatred, eroded by years of shame and despondency, eaten by guilt and longing. Fear was the last of it. It was shame that tore him apart. It was despair. He had lived three years with Isagol the Terrible.

He had survived too much to be driven mad by dreams. It was a violation. He hated her. And he loved her. And he killed her. They were all I could carry. If anything, the room ate sound. It swallowed her voice, her words, and her eternal, inadequate apology. But not her memories.

She would never be rid of those. To turn on Sarai and Lazlo?

Words Story - Addictive Word Game

She raised her!!! She rescued her and took care of her over those years. There was no one else at all. From the very first moment they met up until to their dream dates they were just perfection! I loved how hard they fell for each other and yes, I know that was kinda insta-lovey but it was executed so damn well.

I mean sometimes this just happens. You meet someone and you fall head over heels. They give you life, they make you happy, they cause you to wear a permanent grin on your face. It felt like I was with them, falling in love too. I hate Minya for being so cruel, I hate that the citadel lost balance… I just hate everything that happened in those last few chapters.

The next book is going to hurt. Not breath. Those had left her body forever. The Muse of Nightmares was dead. Eril-Fane shuddered as her tears seared his skin, and something inside him gave way. He pulled her arms tight against his chest and crushed his face into her hands.

And then, and there, for everything lost and everything stolen, both from him and by him in all these long years, the Godslayer started to sob. Poor Azareen! It hurt to read about them and it hurt to see them so broken. No one in this story was truly bad; they all were just a product of the gods and what they did to them, so yeah. I felt sorry for Azareen and Eril-Fane, but that quote above gives me hope. Conclusion: I loved this book!!! I need to know how it continues and what is going to happen next!!! I just need to know! You lay laughter over the dark parts.

The more dark parts, the more you have to laugh. With defiance, with abandon, with hysteria, any way you can. XD Well, however we did it, it was certainly one of the most comfortable buddy reads I ever had the pleasure to experience. Rusty, you rock! View all 30 comments.

Jan 14, karen rated it really liked it Shelves: why-yes-i-ya. I liked the first half of the book. The world building was interesting, the magical powers of the children of the dead gods were interesting A YA insta-love story It ended up reducing my rating. Overall I think this book is overhyped.

View all 8 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I don't know if it's the unbelievably stupid actions of Lazlo in the last fifteen pages, or the fact that I could not force myself to give a single solitary shit about Sarai, or the fact that this book scraaaaaaped to its conclusion at a grandfatherly pace, but I turn the last page with a dejected sigh: why, Laini Taylor?

I accidentally bought two copies of this, and then we ended up with three copies total in the house, and while it's certainly beautiful the UK cover is, at least we all k I don't know if it's the unbelievably stupid actions of Lazlo in the last fifteen pages, or the fact that I could not force myself to give a single solitary shit about Sarai, or the fact that this book scraaaaaaped to its conclusion at a grandfatherly pace, but I turn the last page with a dejected sigh: why, Laini Taylor?

I accidentally bought two copies of this, and then we ended up with three copies total in the house, and while it's certainly beautiful the UK cover is, at least we all know by now that just because something, particularly a book, is beautiful, doesn't mean it's worth slaving over for six days when you're already failing your reading challenge.

But my dilemma is this: this book is written like Laini Taylor books are, which is with immense skill in prose but a total disregard for pacing.

Why We Will Never Fly Air Asia Again (long haul)

I cared about them. In Strange the Dreamer? Lady, please. I started off with a sort of small fondness for Lazlo, but there was no meat to his character, and I think it's a really strange skill to have, to be able to write a character who does have a personality but who still feels flat. Sarai is a lost cause. Flat as fuck, like the rest of the godspawn. I felt a teeny-weeny tinge of something, maybe, when she died, but it all was shot to shit with Lazlo's unbelievably stupid choice to allow Minya to bring her back.

Sarai fu--okay, look. I lived with these characters for five hundred and thirty-two pages. There was no plot, only a series of situations that were eventually overwhelmed with lacklustre romance. But still it enraged me, that not a second thought was given to the ramifications of Lazlo asking Minya, the girl who built an army of ghosts who are imprisoned against their will, to bring Sarai back.

How dare he be surprised that Minya is now keeping Sarai as a pawn! And it's a testament to the uselessness of the other three siblings that they were essentially absent from the final scene, completely forgotten about, making no comment on the situation whatsoever. What happened to them? They just became part of the scenery. They really had nothing to say about Minya bringing Sarai back? Nothing at all? None of them thought it might be a bad idea?

That's not the case. It's simply that the characters were all over the place, and Feral, Ruby, and Sparrow were such obvious window dressing that there was honestly no place for them in the finale. I refuse to believe that these three characters would realistically stand static and silent as the final sequence played out. It feels like going through the motions, and it's filled with plot holes: if Sarai was a baby when the Carnage happened, then how does she know Skathis well enough to dream him in vivid detail?

His facial expressions, his outfit, everything? How did Lazlo's skin fade from blue to white? Why isn't this explained? If there actually is candy that can make a person immortal, why is this just a tiny nugget of world-building? Think about this - a substance that can make a person live forever. How many wars would be fought over this? Would the svygators not be farmed?

How can you introduce this and then leave it where it is, just a pretty frill? This is the problem I have with the worldbuilding. It seems strong, but it isn't. How has Weep survived being cut off from the rest of the world? What's the religion, their festivals, their government system? What's their currency? How long do people live for? Are the godspawn immortal? Why has no one tried to get into the citadel in fifteen years? Are you telling me that nobody tried to get inside to steal things?

Surely something would have to have been done about the falling plums in Windfall, because if something falls from that height and hits someone, it might kill them. Why, then, have we not built some kind of structure to get into the citadel? Why did no one think of climbing ropes? There might still be humans trapped there for all we know. Why, in fifteen years, have the people in Weep not tried to move the anchors, rather than destroy them? Why are they all so bewildered about the purpose of the anchors?

They are literally calling them anchors. Is it not obvious that they're the things holding the citadel in the sky? I think the most unforgivable part of this is its pacing, though. A good hundred pages could have been shaved off, and the story tightened up, and the worst part is this: the beginning and middle aren't the slowest. The end is the real punisher. It was agonising, and it was a whole lot of build-up for absolutely no payoff.

Was anyone surprised that Lazlo was godspawn? Anyone at all? That's not an ending, nor is it a shocking reveal. It's a given. But when you're relying on this "revelation" to pack the full force of the ending's punch, then it's going to fall extremely flat. I don't want you guys to think that I'm pummelling this. The truth is that I think Laini Taylor is immensely skilled as a writer, and as a storyteller, she is artful, imaginative, and emotionally intelligent.

But something here just wasn't doing it for me. Like the romance, for example. What happened? I felt nothing for the relationship between Lazlo and Sarai; it was rushed and silly. How can you expect me to buy this? They know virtually nothing about each other. They know the things on the surface, yes, but who doesn't like flying in their dreams?

Who doesn't like tea and cake? It's like that scene in Friends where Phoebe meets her birth mother and acts like it's so crazy that they have all of this in common - they both like pizza and puppies! Oh my god! Here they've known each other for all of three weeks, or something like that, and Lazlo is willing to become Minya's slave, and condemn Sarai to the same fate, just so they don't have to be apart!

Not only is this not romantic, it's kind of twisted. Death is incredibly sad, any death, but is Lazlo so selfish that he is unwilling to just let go? If I were given the choice of mourning the passing of my loved ones or condemning them to ghostly slavery just so that I would not have to be without them, I think I would choose to mourn them. That's the more difficult choice, but choosing the latter means choosing your own welfare over theirs. I get it - I get that this is the conflict, this is the situation we're in and it's how we're going to expand to a sequel - but it's just so ridiculous and extra.

Is this really the only way this story could have moved forward? Maybe this wouldn't have felt like such a disappointment if the whole story hadn't been set up to be so much bigger than it was. There are so many threads, all cast off for a conflict that's not interesting or different or even relevant. What's the deal with Thyon Nero? What's happening back in Zosma? Where are all of the other children? What happens to all of these threads? This is a duology, but that means there are supposed to be two books , not one long prologue and a standalone. I suppose this is pretty fucking harsh, but damn, I expected better.

I expected more, especially from Laini Taylor. View all 46 comments. Oct 20, Chelsea Humphrey rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. That's really the heart of what every reader desires in a fantasy world, right? Where there is no great risk, there is nothing worth losing, and where there is nothing worth losing, there is nothing worth reading. Perhaps that is the pinnacle of this book's excellence, but it's certainly not it's only great feature. I knew from the moment I dove in that this story would be special; the three pages of prologue were mo mahal - A risk that will yield either tremendous reward or disastrous consequence.

I knew from the moment I dove in that this story would be special; the three pages of prologue were more beautiful, captivating, and gripping than the entirety of many books I've previously read. I could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about the quality, structure, and exquisite nature of the writing, but I won't. I think it's been duly noted in most reviews that the dreamy state of writing creates an unparalleled atmosphere to enhance our experience within such a delicate fantasy world.

I would liken it to "calligraphy, if calligraphy were written in honey. Vengeance ought to be spoken through gritted teeth, spittle flying, the cords of one's soul so entangled in it that you can't let it go, even if you try. The beginning, after the prologue, is a slow building form of storytelling where we spend time getting to know Lazlo Strange and his part in this epic tale.

Much emotion and feeling is infused here; I found this to be vital to the story as it forged my bond with Strange and welded my needs, hopes, and dreams with his own. Along the way, we are introduced to a new viewpoint where a similar form of storytelling is relayed. Once the two voices connect and intertwine, the pacing picks up and I really flew through to the end. While I would say this was easy to put down, I don't mean that in a negative way; this was simply a novel I wanted to savor and not rush through.

I was able to completely immerse myself in this fantasy world and was thinking about it constantly throughout my day, but I felt comfortable doing this with no pressure to sneak around and cram in a few pages every spare second I had. While there is quite a bit of action in the final 75 pages or so, the majority of the book is epic characterization and faultless world building. The atmosphere is simultaneously whimsical and bleak; it was equal parts bleary loss and gleaming hope. It felt strange and wonderful to be a part of something so unique as it truly contained a dreamlike, wispy quality, whereas most fantasy I've read does not contain this aesthetic.

Even the scenes at the end featuring war, cruelty, and violence contained that lighter, more beautiful aesthetic. Oh no! She's headed back to talking about the prose! Watch out! Seriously, this writing is otherworldly. She left his hate there, right beside the love. It was the hate of the used and tormented, who are the children of the used and tormented And it was love. Love that sets forth the soul like springtime and ripens it like summer.

Why We Will Never Fly Air Asia Again (long haul)

Love as rarely exists in reality If you haven't read the book, then pick it up immediately. It truly deserves all of the stars. If you have, then I'm sure we are all in agreement that view spoiler [ Sarai dying, while expected, was entirely emotional and heart wrenching, and also that Minya is a fabulous little nugget of a villain and those final chilling words have me begging for Laini to write as fast as she can because I NEED The Muse of Nightmares!!!

Feb 11, Tatiana rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , printz , favorites , , romancelandia , ya , starred , 4. You are in for a treat. I mean, if you are a Laini Taylor fan and like her elaborate prose and rich worldbuilding and, let's be frank, romances with a whiff of instalove, I don't see how this book can disappoint you.

It surely didn't disappoint me. The story starts with a hungry orphan dreaming of a magic city beyond a vast desert where all kinds of wonders live. And ends Well, I'll stop here because the biggest pleasure in reading Taylor's books is unspooling a wondrous ya YES! Well, I'll stop here because the biggest pleasure in reading Taylor's books is unspooling a wondrous yarn of her storytelling.

But rest assured, there are gods and wars with both sides guilty of unspeakable, "inter-species" love, guilt and envy, shame and regret, and impossible choices - all themes not unfamiliar to fans of Daughter of Smoke and Bone. And yet this story is also unique and irresistibly captivating. View all 20 comments. Apr 01, Hannah Greendale rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , young-adult. Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend.

Lazlo Strange, abandoned orphan and bibliophile librarian, has nurtured an interest in fairy tales and legends since he was a boy. His secret passion is studying the language and lore of the lost city of Weep. Lazlo believes he'll never be brave enough to search for the forgotten city, but when a heroic figure known as the Godslayer arrives at his village in search of aid, the opportunity to cross the worl Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend.

Lazlo believes he'll never be brave enough to search for the forgotten city, but when a heroic figure known as the Godslayer arrives at his village in search of aid, the opportunity to cross the world is suddenly within his grasp. Strange the Dreamer offers the same luscious and imaginative prose one can always anticipate from a novel written by Laini Taylor.

The black trees danced. His breath-ghost scudded away on a gust, only to be replaced by another. His shadow played out huge before him, and his mind gleamed with ancient wars and winged beings, a mountain of melted demon bones and the city on the far side of it - a city that had vanished in the mists of time. One [dress] had a skirt like a cage carved of whalebone, another a long train made of hundreds of doves' wings all stitched together.

There was a bodice of pure molded gold, made to look like a beetle's carapace, and a fan collar fashioned from the spines of poisonous fish, with tiny teeth sewn in patterns like seed pearls. There were headdresses and veils, corsets with daggers concealed in the stays, elaborate capes, and teetering tall shoes carved of ebony and coral. There's a considerable amount of foundational exposition and world building, as this is the first book in a new series, but the author finds a delicate balance between introducing readers to a new world with never-before-seen mythical creatures and delivering a complete story with a cast of intriguing characters.

While Lazlo makes for a likable and refreshing protagonist, he's accompanied by a batch of equally alluring characters such as a tricky alchemist, a sage monk, a sly thief, and a blue-skinned goddess, to name a few. This book is a mixed bag of everything readers want from an epic fantasy: magic and whimsy; a fresh take on supernatural abilities; a compelling mystery; an undeniable sense of exploration and adventure; a new realm of fantastical proportions, and a satisfying ending that sets the stage for more to come. Locales are easy to visualize in one's mind, character motivations sing with truth, and the electric thrill of young love is portrayed with velvet language: There was a dusting of nearly invisible freckles on the bridge of her nose.

The glide of their faces was as slow as poured honey, and her lips. Ever so slightly, they parted. The bottom one, voluptuous as dew-bright fruit, parted from its fellow - for him - and it was the most enticing thing he'd ever seen. A blaze of desire surged through him and he leaned into the honey-slowness, pushing the hopelessness out of his way to take that sweet, soft lip between his own. A dazzling start to an exhilarating new series, Strange the Dreamer offers beauty and wonder, magic and mysticism, monsters and gods.

View all 21 comments. Re-read with Lynn and Alison I shall turn you into Laini Taylor-addicts like me in no time! All I can say is that it is extremely well-dese Re-read with Lynn and Alison Laini stayed true to the lovely and lush writing style that I fell in love with all those years ago. MY GOD. What did I love about it, you ask? This is tale of mythology. This is a love story. This is story of gods and heroes. This is beautiful and full of monsters wink, wink. This is a book of… everything.

The other librarians suspected he somehow read while he slept, or perhaps didn't sleep at all. He is definitely more mature and sophisticated than a typical YA protagonist, and nor does he make ridiculously stupid decisions , which was refreshing. He helps people for no reason other than the fact that they are in need of help, never asking for the favour to be returned or payment for his services.

Most of those stories were about a city , far beyond the desert, now lost to the world , including Zosma, which is where they currently are. Skathis was the god of beasts and lord of the mesarthium an impenetrable metal. Isagol was the goddess of despair. Vanth was the god of storms. Korako was the goddess of secrets.

Ikirok was the god of revelry. Letha was the goddess of oblivion. For two hundred years , the gods inhabited the floating Citadel in the sky, made of mesarthium. Over and over again, the gods would abduct the young men and women of Weep in order to breed thousands of godspawn , each with magical gifts of their own. After a few years, the men and women were returned to the city below, with no memories of what occurred to them in the Citadel.

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The godspawn, on the other hand, were never seen again, after their magical gifts manifested in the nursery. Thousands of children went POOF. Good people do all the things bad people do, Lazlo. It's just that when they do them, they call it justice. Their time together ultimately resulted in the birth of Sarai. He then slaughtered the six gods and the thirty godspawn in the nursery. The abducted humans, including Eril-Fane and Azareen, left the Citadel with their memories intact, having killed Letha before she could erase them. She caught enough of them to create an army of the undead in the Citadel, but used a few of them to help raise the babies.

Somehow, Minya never aged after all this time, retaining the appearance of a six-year old.